Can you believe it?  You’re six years old!  In only ten short years, you’ll want to “unfriend” me after each post like this.  You won’t be able to, however, because you’re not allowed to “unfriend” me on any social media, and you know that’s the rule, young lady, so no car for you Friday night.

Getting a little ahead of myself, I think.  

Evie, although it sometimes makes me a little sad, I love watching you grow up.  You’re always surprising me.  You figure so much out on your own, yet you always want to know more.  You want to know “why?” about everything.  At the end of a long day, this can be exhausting, but I do my best to explain the world to you.  And for what I don’t know I make up the most interesting explanation I can.  Then I google it for you and decide to just go with what I made up in the first place.  Your daddy will always explain it later.  

Your sense of humor is developing right along, too, which delights me to no end.  You’re really funny, girl!  You find the funny in most everything as well, which I think tells a lot about your character.  Also, you’re learning to laugh at yourself.  This is most important, Evie.  People want to be around those who don’t take themselves too seriously.  You keep that up.  Also, I can’t wait to hear your first belly laugh.  Soon you’ll discover how much can be healed with just a good belly laugh.

You want to do more things all by yourself.  I know this is important, and I respect that.  This is part of how you figure out how to live in the world.  It’s a great big crazy world, Evie, and a strong sense of independence will take you far in it.  All I ask is that this desire to do things for yourself extend to getting yourself dressed in the morning, getting your own Popsicle and making an honest effort to look for whatever vital trinket you may have lost.  This would help me out immensely.

Your personality is developing in so many ways, Evie.  You are becoming who you are.  I never realized until I had you that this is a process.  A person’s self isn’t born, it’s built.  Built by the things they see, the people they know, the places they go.  As a parent, I am most fortunate to watch this process and hopefully play a positive role in it.

Even today, six years later, I’m still so amazed that I get to be your mommy.  What did I do to deserve such a beautiful, wonderful responsibility?  I don’t think I’ll ever be sure, or that I need to know.  I do know that I love you.  I love you more than I could ever explain to you.  Love is sometimes too big to tell each other about.

I think in some way you understand that.  .  

I will tell you the same thing I try to remember to tell you every night: “Love you, love you, can’t get enough of you.”

Happy birthday, baby girl.