Do you know Dooce?  When you ask someone, especially a mom, what blogs they read, Heather Armstrong’s blog is gonna come up in that list.  I guess you could say it’s, and you’ll pardon the pun, the mother ship.

I happened upon Dooce one day many years ago while I was supposed to be balancing my bosses’ bank accounts.  I had to choose between going back in her considerable archives to read every single post and figuring out why the operating account was off by forty-two cents.  Guess.  I was a horrible employee.

Anyway, I was poking around the Internet tonight, seeing what I could see, and I decided to check her out.  Here’s a post that struck me:

Four More Years

I try to stay away from political goings-on on this blog.  The reason for that used to be that, like Heather, I used to be filled with a whole bunch of righteous indignation.  I yelled at my TV, yelled at my radio, yelled at my dad.  Well.  Behind his back I yelled.  The world I lived in was filled with lies, lies, lies.  And Rachel Maddow telling me about the lies.  And then some more lies.  And it just made me so dagum mad.  Like a liberal Yosemite Sam I was.

Nowadays, I stay away from political subject matter on this blog for a very simple reason.  I have no flippin’ idea what’s going on.  Since becoming a stay-at-home mom, I’ve also become the worst stereotype of it.  I could tell you about organic macaroni and cheese or where the best park is or how kid’s clothes from Kohl’s are the crappiest crap ever.  But if, say, something horrible happened, and our country started flying a different flag tomorrow, I wouldn’t know about it until my husband got home.

Y’all.  I am shame.  I tried to get better about this.  I bookmarked a whole slew of news sites.  I subscribed to the newspaper.  I DVR’d the news for pete’s sake.  But I always seem to end up  I used the newspaper more for draining bacon than staying current so I cancelled the subscription.  I do love Brian Williams, though.  He is so saucy.  Which means, again to my shame, I’m watching the news for all the wrong reasons.

I was feeling pretty bad about this until I read Dooce’s post.  I still feel bad about it, and I need to do something about it.  What, I don’t know yet.  Maybe I can get my more “newsy” friends to call me at predetermined times throughout the day with updates.  Still, Dooce makes an excellent point, I think.  Since I turned off all the noise, I feel much more peaceful.  During the recent political campaign, I knew who I was going to vote for.  I knew before the campaign.  Watching any of the coverage wasn’t going to change my mind.  Why get all pissy over it?

I still won’t watch local newscasts, though.  I don’t think any of that shit is even real.