It’s time for BlogHer‘s yearly celebration of National Blog Posting Month.  Bloggers will challenge themselves this month to post every day  for thirty days.  It’s a chance for everyone to strengthen those flaccid writing muscles while also supporting other bloggers.  The good folks at BlogHer have also provided a blogroll of all the participants, so it’s a great way to peruse all sorts of different blogs, get inspired, motivated and possibly steal people’s ideas.  NaBloPoMo is a gathering of writers, writing.  Creating.  Bringing forth into what was an empty space a piece of their souls.

Or a pictorial recipe for Tater Tot Casserole.

I did this last year.  I did it because my lovely friend Keanne was doing it.  I’m doing it again this year because KeAnne is doing it again, and I always want to do what KeAnne is doing.  Also, I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment when I actually managed to complete it.

Actually, I have no idea why I’m doing it.  I barely manage to post once a week lately.  I could tell you how busy I am, but I hate when people tell me how busy they are, so I won’t.  But I am busy.  Doing what?  That I couldn’t tell you.  I know most of my days are filled with stuff, but if you asked me what I did today, I could not tell you.

Perhaps I am being abducted by aliens every day, and they are somehow manipulating my brain process so that I feel like I did a lot, but really all I did was lie on a stainless steel table in a huge spaceship while all my alien friends got their probe on.

Y’all.  If this is any indication of what’s to come in the next thirty days, then...get ready for awesome.