Well, my goodness.  You’re sure a big girl now, Kimosabe.  Can you believe that four years ago today when I held your unfamiliar little body, stared into your scrunched little face and thought about how I was your mommy, it scared the crap out of me?  My, how times have changed…and how they’ve stayed the same.  I still get scared sometimes, especially when I look at you and see almost no sign of that baby.  Just a big girl.

The past year has certainly been an adventure.  We’ve moved miles and miles away from where we used to be.  And, we also moved to Florida.  You and I have learned and seen and done so much together over the past year, and I wouldn’t trade a moment of it.  There is no part of me that regrets the decision I made to quit my former life to hang out with you.

Evie, sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve someone so beautiful in every way.  You’ve inspired me to build my life into one that is  full of surprises, happiness and love.  Being your mommy opens up the world for me in ways I never imagined.  You’ve made me a bigger person.

Thank you, baby girl.  I love you.