Please enjoy the following excerpt from First United Methodist of Clearwater’s Thanksgiving program:


Now, there is some back story here which you as the viewer should know.  Evie was among five other three-year-olds chosen to play turkeys.  At the end of each verse of the song, one of the turkeys sits down until the last turkey remains to sing a solo.  I found out from Evie last night that she was not singing the solo, which was, in her opinion, total BS.  She wanted me to speak to someone about this.  

You’ll see at the end of the video as the fifth turkey sings her solo, that Evie makes her displeasure, along with which panties she’s wearing, known to the entire audience.  I wish I would have zoomed in so you could see the way she cut her eyes at me as if to say, “See?  Total BS!”

What do I think?  Well, all the kids were so cute and practiced so hard.  Their little turkey headdresses were adorable!  I think it’s amazing how the teachers get, like, performances out of these little kids.

Oh, who am I kidding?  Evie was robbed!