The hardest part about posting every day is finding ideas about which to write.  I feel certain there are ideas swirling around me all the time like little gnats of inspiration, and I swat them away.  That being the case, this daily exercise is good for me.  It’s toning all those creative muscles that’ve gotten all soft and squishy.  Maybe by the end of this month when an idea gnat propels itself directly at my face, I’ll…um…well, this metaphor clearly doesn’t work.  If something flew at my face, I’d swat it.  Anyway.

A good way to find ideas for writing is to check out daily writing prompts.  There are several different websites that provide these.  Some of them may seem vague or inapplicable at first, until you really think about it.  I came across one the other day that was “Describe how your house is different from others’ homes.”  I thought for a while about this one, and I couldn’t come up with any way my house is markedly different from yours.  Then I started really looking around here and realized there are some strange things going on.  Come along — I’ll show you.

Elmo has done something terrible.  His sentence?  To hang on the stairwell bannister until dead. 


Speaking of stairwells, do you have the alphabet lining yours?  No?  Well, why not?

This is pantry stew.  Tonight’s was a blend of a very old package of Almond Accents, some raw egg noodles, carrot sticks and a browning pear.  You know how Evie is when the inspiration to cook hits her — she’s got to get in the kitchen.  Gill offered me five bucks to take a bite of it.  

Meet Lucky.  Remember the wise old rocking horse from The Velveteen Rabbit?  I think Lucky is much like that horse.  Because he sits not far from where I do my makeup and hair, Lucky endures pretty much daily makeovers, manicures, pedicures, body wraps and facials.  I think he may have even had a haircut at one point.  He never complains; he just smiles warmly at his 3-foot-tall stylist.  Here we see him receiving a once-weekly application of Kleenex to the head.  I hear it’s good for the circulation.

Welcome to Evie’s restaurant.  Evie, the proprietress, is also head chef and sometime customer.  Evie serves a mean apple-punkin pie and a lovely cup of tea.  I prefer her peas with ice cream.  Delicious. 

This is my favorite part of Evie’s restaurant.  Because she’s totally up on the latest culinary technology, Evie’s was one of the first kitchens to have a combination gas burner CD player.  She even upgraded it to include an AM/FM radio that plays soft rock exclusively.  By turning the volume up, she can simultaneously raise the heat under her frying pan.  Love it!

I wanted you to have the full experience of what it’s like to dine at Evie’s.  You’ll note in the clip below that Evie is also cooking in the bathtub.  That girl never stops! 

I guess my house is different from others’ houses.  Who knew?