Guess who I saw at the mall yesterday?

That’s right!  Pauly D, baby! 

I think the sloppy black bars and grainy texture lend a special touch, don’t you?  Poor guy.  All he wanted to do was eat lunch from Great Panda and do some shopping at H&M.  Maybe pick up another gold chain to add to his collection.  Already he has to deal with his girlfriend exposing her bra straps to all of creation, and now he’s ended up on some crazy girl’s blog.  Jeez.

For those of you unlucky enough not to have seen Jersey Shore, here’s what the hell I’m talking about anyway…

Okay, so it wasn’t the real Pauly D.  But I risked being blessed out by a guy who probably wields a can of hairspray like a weapon to bring it to you.  And, yes, I straight up pointed my phone right at him and took a picture.  Good thing my husband wasn’t with me — it would have put him in the hospital.  It’s like I tell Gill every night, “You just have no idea what I’m up to during the day.  No idea.”

Also, this counts as a blog post.  No, it does.  Jersey Shore, bitches!