Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I love the fall weather, the spooky atmosphere, the way the rest of the world gets on my wavelength for a few weeks out of the year.  To my great delight, I suspect that Halloween has become Evie’s favorite holiday, too.  Although her reasons may have to do more with the candy.  But we did watch Disney’s Halloween Treat and The Nightmare Before Christmas more than a few times, so I have hope.  She and I did have so much fun this past month.  Among other things, we visited a pumpkin patch, made Halloween cookies, spent over an hour in the costume store at the mall and read Halloween stories at bedtime every night.  Goodness.  Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Please enjoy some pictures!


Evie’s friend Byron and the first of many, many little pumpkins that came to live with us during the month of October.  Evie’s preschool does an annual “Pumpkin Walk” where the kids walk down to the public dock down the street, listen to Ms. Diane read Halloween stories and collect their pumpkins.  You’ll remember that Byron is the only boy in Evie’s class.  Evie, being a professional tomboy-princess hybrid from way back, is Byron’s favorite person in the world.  But, then, who among us doesn’t feel that way?

The Pumpkin Walk’s class picture.  Nice of Spiderman to join in, don’t you think?

Evie and Meredith show off their first sets of vampire teeth at our church’s Pumpkin Carving Contest and Chili Cook-off.  We brought neither chili or a carved pumpkin.  We brought chocolate cake and a whole pumpkin.  We were confused.

So, this pirate and a pink horse named Flower Dancer showed up at our house Monday night.  We decided to take them trick or treating.

We took Evie and Charlie to the neighborhood across the street that was rumored to give out full-sized candybars.  The rumors are true!  Also, the homeowners really do it up, man!  Captain Black-eyeliner-beard and Flower Dancer met a full-grown pirate, Dracula and a Rays player who had apparently come to an unfortunate and bloody end.

This was the best part, y’all.  The lady of this house went all out.  She had flashing strobe lights, loud and scary music and all kinds of decorations.  It was so cool.  Charlie and Evie, however, found it less cool.  But there was candy in there, damnit, and they were gonna get some in their trick or treat bags even if they had to brave the house from hell.  I’ve never seen two such excited and riled-up kids grow so quiet and still so quickly.  Their eyes were big as saucers.  I hope the full-sized candybar came from this house.  Bless their hearts, they deserved it.

  The first candy out of the bag is the best. 

And, the traditional All Saint’s Day Parental Raid of the Halloween Stash.  Mmmm…Kit Kat.  Hello, old friend.