Well, my goodness.  Our big girl is three years old.  Can you believe it?  THREE.  Three years ago at this moment, I was pushing as hard as I could to get her into the world.  And now preschool looms in our near future.  Good lord.

Evie, I can’t tell you how proud I am of my sweet, eager-to-please, smart, sneaky, funny, opinionated, curious, outspoken, bossy, almost-potty-trained, compassionate, quick-tempered, energetic, beautiful little girl.  You’re everything I ever dreamed about and hoped for and infinitely more.  You’re the best thing about me.

I’ve loved every minute of your three years.  I feel privileged to watch you grow up, to be your mama.

I love you, baby-girl.


P.S.  And don’t worry.  Pretty soon you’ll be able to make “three” with your fingers without holding down your pinky and thumb.  It’s a learned skill like anything else.