I know y’all are convinced that this blog has gone the way of beta tape.  It’s true we’ve had a lengthy hiatus, but now we’re back, baby!  And y’all deserve some pictures!  What follows are several photographs in a series we like to call “High Noon Meets Sparkly Purple Butterfly Hairbow.”  It’s a think piece.  

Various tales of cuteness accompany each photograph because, gosh darn it all, our readers deserve only the best! 

When I woke Evie up from her nap on Sunday, as per usual, she stretched, yawned and was generally very warm and snuggly.  I sat on the edge of her bed and cuddled her close to me as she sucked her thumb and reluctantly came back into the world.  (Both Evie and I “wake to sleep and take [our] waking slow”, as her daddy will agree.)  She lifted up the soft little pink and white blanket that her Granny crocheted for her before she was even born and told me to “get my blankey all around me, Mama.”  Well, how can you say no to that?  

This is a song Evie and I made up:

“You get the salt,
and I’ll get the pepper!
You get the salt,
and I’ll get the pepper!
Then we’ll take the salt,
and then we’ll take the pepper,
and we’ll shake-a, shake-a, shake-a-shake!”

It went through several versions before we were satisfied with it.

Evie’s favorite place in the world is McDonald’s Playland.  I can’t say I blame her.  It is a lot fun.  I took her last week for dinner and to play with the other 1,245 kids whose parents had the same idea.  Evie ran, climbed, slid, ate only her french fries and generally had a fine time.  As the hour got later, the number of kids dwindled, and soon there was just Evie and one other little girl.  The time was late in toddler world — say 7:30.  I called up to Evie on the upper level of her beloved Playland and told her she could go down the slide one more time.  She and the little girl slid down one more time, whereupon the little girl said, “Let’s go again!”  Evie responded, “I can’t.  I gotta go.”  Good girl. 

Sometimes I’ll just be sitting in a chair, minding my own business, and Evie will come up to me out of the blue and say, “I love you, too, Mama.”  How did she know that’s what I’m always thinking?

And so ends your sampling of our photographic series.  Evie wants you to know you can purchase the entire piece for three easy payments of $19.99.  All proceeds benefit Evie’s Make a Wish For More Tangled Fruity Gummies and Scooby Doo Season Four DVD’s Foundation.  It’s a worthy cause.

And I promise I will never leave you again.