“You’re gonna eat lightning, and you’re gonna crap thunder!”
Mickey Goldmill

On Monday, this happened:

Okay, everybody calm down.  She’s fine.  You can hardly see it anymore.  Look, folks, all I can tell you is this is the chance you take when you step in that ring.

I kid.

What really happened is that poor little Evie got a faceful of terrible when she stepped in front of an occupied swing at Gloria’s.  Gloria had warned all her little ones to be careful around the swings and especially not to step in front of them.  But, you’ll remember that Evie is my child and just, you know, had to see what would happen.  Obviously, she found out.

It’s okay, though.  She needed another injury to add to the collection growing on her body.  Let’s see, there are at least three bruises on her legs, a pretty bad scrape on her thumb, three bugbite scars on her cheek (see photo) and several little warning nicks on her arms from our cat, Roxie.  I can’t seem to get across to Evie that she continues to annoy Roxie at her own peril.  Hard-headed Evie is still determined to be friends.  Again, because she is my child.

Yet, with all the bruises, bumps, black eyes and dirty fingernails, there are still requests for pretty dresses, Disney Princess hairclips and toenails painted pink.  So, while Evie did beat the crap out of a little boy two years her senior last week, she did it in sparkly Tinkerbell tennis shoes. 

And I gotta tell ya:  I love every single thing about that.