This is Evie.  I am here at my house.  You are at the beach in Florida.  Mommy says you are bringing home the bacon.  We already have some bacon, Daddy.

I miss you.  Mommy doesn’t tickle as good as you, and I can’t put my whole head on her shoulder.  Mommy misses you, too.  She says everything goes to hell when you’re gone.  I don’t know what that means, but I do know the sink is full of dishes, and Mommy had trouble rolling the big trash box to the end of the driveway on Tuesday.  I didn’t get to see the big trash truck this week, Daddy.  I heard it, but we didn’t get downstairs in time.  Do you think it still got all the trash?

Last night I ate chicken nuggets and crackers and peaches.  Then I played with my new cars and then I ate a cookie.  No, not that cookie.  The other cookie.  We watched a movie called Anastasia.  It was okay.  It had lots of pretties and a mean man.  I like Aladdin better, so I will watch that next.

Daddy, last night there was a big storm.  There was lots of funder and fire, and it woke me up.  Mommy came and got me, and I slept with her so she wouldn’t be scared.  The funder was very loud, and the fire was very flashy.  Then I went back to sleep.  I woke up again, and it was still dark outside.  I wanted to play with my cars and get my rabbit.  Mommy was said it was time to sleep, but I still wanted my rabbit.  Mommy got it.  I played for awhile, and then I went back to sleep. 

Mommy’s beep-beep box made noise for a long time this morning, Daddy.  Mommy turned it off lots of times, but it beeped again.  I told Mommy it was time to sleep, but she said it was time to get up.  We moved very fast this morning. 

Did you hear me on Mommy’s phone last night?  I said I love you, Daddy.  After you weren’t on the phone anymore, I sang Happy Birthday to you.

Mommy says you are coming home soon.  Daddy, when you come home, can we get ice cream?

Love, Evie

P.S.  Bring me a prize!