Dear Evie:

The last two years have flown by so fast, they’ve felt like two minutes.  Yet so much has happened, and you’ve grown up so much!  When I pick you up at the end of the day, you always seem to know something new.  You’re so smart and funny and imaginative and sweet – I’m just so proud of the special little person you’re becoming.  That you already are. 

Evie, being your mommy is such a wonderful adventure that can take me from bone-shaking  fear to warm contentment and from dazzled wonderment to utter exasperation, all in the span of fifteen minutes.  I try my best to treasure every second of it.  

This morning I stopped for a minute to watch you play.  You were sitting on the floor in your pretty birthday dress, surrounded by books, crayons and Play-Doh-filled eggs, singing and talking to yourself.  My heart was so full of love for you and the little family you, your daddy and I have created that I was overwhelmed.  I realized what it really means to be blessed.