When I was 16, my dad remarried.  He chose for his wife a petite blonde woman with a fondness for gold lame slingbacks.  Sally had two daughters of her own, Sara and Alice, and our families merged very well.

Sally brought into the marriage as her dowry an enormous closet full of clothes to borrow, cooking that was not my dad’s and lots of love.  She also brought with her her parents, Honey and D (I’m using pseudonyms because they’re on the lam — just kidding!).  Honey and D could not have been more welcoming of my sister and me, and their generosity and kindness have been boundless.  Honey has always said that it doesn’t matter that we’re not blood because we’ve had a transfusion.  I love that.

When Eve was born, Honey and D insisted on making the trip to Garner to see their new great-granddaughter.  A couple of weekends ago, we decided to return the favor and descended en masse upon Lumberton and their lovely home.  Here’s what happened:

Saturday morning.  Honey shows off her Evie calendar while Evie enjoys a Diet Coke for breakfast.  By the way, there’s a Lazy Susan attached to this table.  Remember the Lazy Susan?  Very underrated device and excellent for quickly spinning objects out of a toddler’s reach.  Highly recommended.

“My Honey and D have a television IN their kitchen, y’all!  I have never known a happier moment in my life!”

Soon after breakfast, Evie, clad in her Lella pajamas and toting her Lella purse, completely took over the television in the living room to watch…wait for it…Lella

I have no idea why she was allowed to do that.  I’m pretty sure a squooshable face and adorable bedhead were involved, though.

Later that afternoon, Evie practiced Easter egg hunting.  She’s really good at it and hopes to qualify for the famous Easter egg hunt on the White House lawn, known to kids everywhere as
 “The Big Dance”. 

This one’s going on my desk, adding to my collection of pictures of my child not smiling but being strikingly beautiful anyway.  What?  No, I don’t think I’m overly obnoxious about my  child.  Why?

I have to give props to Evie’s Bunny.  Instead of cramming a handful of M&M’s into each egg as I would have done, she put exactly one.  Thus, Evie had only 5 pieces of candy as opposed to 500.  Experience creates wisdom, folks.  Remember that.

Oh, this is a real treat, folks!  Shhh!  Now, be very quiet.  We don’t want to startle her.  Wow, I can’t tell you how rare it is to see a full-grown Aunt Boo in her natural habitat.  Someone get a picture before she smells us.  Extraordinary!

We wrapped up Saturday with a visit to the park.  Here you see sweet D pushing his third generation of swingers.  You still got it, D!

As you can see, a wonderful time was had by all, especially Evie who only broke one thing and got a new pair of shoes.  I didn’t break anything and got to see three of the most special people in my life get to know each other a little better.  Pretty good weekend, huh?