A few weeks ago, Evie embarked on a road trip to Greenville, SC to visit with her Aunt Sara (Aunt Say), Aunt Alice (Aunt Boo), Uncle Jacob (Uncle J) and her be-tailed Scottie cousins, Berkley and Kenzie.  Her Aunt Maggie (TBD) and I decided to tag along.  Aunt Maggie and I did very well on the long trip to South Cackalacky, hardly fussing in our carseats at all. 

 Here are some photographic details of the trip:


 Saturday morning breakfast with Say and Boo.  Note Boo’s and Say’s gorgeous, shining highlights.  Fabulous!  And be sure to shield your face from the eye-searing whiteness of Mommy’s legs in the left-hand corner.  Not fabulous!

Boob shelf

“Huh!  Well, this is convenient!  I wonder if Mommy could get one of these.”


“Shopping” at the children’s museum’s grocery store.  Evie got some killer deals on instant mashed potatoes and stocked up on canned tuna.  Clip those coupons, ladies!

 Slide top

 “Y’all, this is hilarious – watch.  Mommy’s gonna hold me at the top of this slide while everybody crowds around the bottom, just far enough away to look like they’re having fun, but still close enough to spring into action if need be.  Mommy will position me just so, and then everyone will discreetly hold their breath.

 Slide bottom

“Then I’ll land at the bottom like this, and they’ll all clap and cheer a little too loudly.  Sillies.  Don’t they know I rock at this?  Dudes, I am a total slide expert.”

Evil queen Evie

 Evil Alien Queen Evie in her evil plastic original Star Trek villain costume plots to take over the world!

 Toddler splash pool

Or maybe just the toddler splash pool!

 Cuteness break

We now present this cuteness break brought to you by Evie.

 Demon child

 My Demon Child wants to possess your Scottie Dog…



… and your husband!


I warned you

I warned you.