Daniel Hoeg[1]

Meet Daniel James, SchmeAnne and Schmimmy’s baby boy.  Because I’m an awful, negligent friend, this picture was taken when Daniel was approximately six weeks old.  I thought about waiting to post a college graduation photo to introduce you, but figured that would be too far away.

So: Daniel? Blog.  Blog? Daniel.  Yay!

I have to brag on SchmeAnne and Schmimmy a little.  They are awesome parents.  SchmeAnne has gushed on her blog (See Baby with a Twist up there in the left hand corner?  Click it!) about how special Daniel’s early morning feedings are to her.  To me, this is the sign of a good mom.  She doesn’t mind the sleep deprivation or the greasy hair or the sandwiches gobbled down with one hand while balancing a feeding baby with the other.  She loves every minute of it. 

And Schmimmy just glows.  These are happy people, y’all.

Congrats to them, officially, from The Evie Standard.  We love you.  We love Daniel.  Babies are awesome.  Yay for babies!