Evie’s daddy and I are so proud, and also somewhat embarrassed, to announce that Evie’s first real-real word has been spoken.  And that word is…”balls”.

Thaaaaat’s right.

Other possiblities Evie could have chosen:

1.  Onomatopoeia

2.  Zimbabwe

3.  I-am-a-genius-child

But, alas, no.  It is “balls.”  Sigh.

It’s okay.  Evie is a genius child, after all.  Not only does she say it, she knows what they are. 

Aaaaand let’s all pull our minds out of the gutter for a moment, shall we?  


Grapes are “balls”.  The big red things outside of that blessed place of our redemption Target, are “balls”.  And, wonder of all wonders, even balls are “balls”.  So, we’re good on shapes, then.  And, also, she knows where her head is (which is more than I can say for some), where her nose is and sometimes she even knows where her eyes are.  We’ve heard a few “eye” ‘s but are hesitant to count them.  Today she pointed to the small crack of space between the bathroom door’s hinge and the doorjamb and declared “eye”!  So.

Walking is going well, too.  Gill counted a full ten steps yesterday.   I know, I know.  I hear ya.

 “For the sweet love of ‘balls’, would you please post some video!” 

I promise dear readers.  I promise.  Unfortunately, I, unlike Evie, have trouble finding my head 99% of the time.


Her next words?  “Parental emancipation, please.”