Once upon a time, there was a blog about a little girl named Evie.  The writer of the blog was Evie’s mother, and she enjoyed writing about her daughter very much.  She typed up long-winded, rather cheeky posts weekly and sent them out to her family and friends.  They all seemed to enjoy the little blog anyway, which made Evie’s mother happy.  So she kept writing, which made her family and friends happy.  And baby Evie ate Cheerios and “sang” along to the radio as she rode in her carseat and was happy.  Everyone was happy.

But then Life decided to kick it up a notch, and Evie’s mother had to re-prioritze some things for awhile.  Also, her Internet access was abruptly and severely limited by the evil overlords at her new place of employment, so she could no longer write posts during her lunch hour and downtime.  Further, her downtime was abruptly and severely limited by the passing of President Obama’s stimulus package, which made things really pick up at work.  This was  extremely good for Evie’s mother’s job security but extremely bad for the little blog.

So the little blog languished in cyberspace, and Evie’s mother’s friends and family became unhappy.  Evie’s mother saw their unhappiness and also saw things happening in Evie’s life about which she should be writing, and she became unhappy.  Evie still had Cheerios and the radio, but she did not have full access to the kitchen cabinets and drawers, which made her unhappy.  So everyone was unhappy.

Evie’s mother was determined to do something about all of the unhappiness.  She decided to recommit herself to the little blog.  It was, after all, Evie’s online baby book.  And since she was doing an even crappier job of keeping up with with Evie’s actual baby book, she figured she had to step it up, lest the memories of Evie’s babyhood be lost forever.

She still wouldn’t let Evie open up kitchen drawers and pull all of her dishtowels out, however, so Evie was still pretty miffed.

But she did find a slot of time she could use to blog and vowed to do so every week.  She hoped she could keep her vow and vowed again to do her very best.  The she vowed to buy new tennis shoes, but that was an old vow and one she would probably not keep.

Then she decided to create a short list of what Evie had been up to lately, to tide her friends and family over until the next week.  And, lo, it was so:

1.  Crawling.  I’ve got to figure out how to post some video of this so I can burn all of your eyeballs with searing-hot rays of cuteness.  I’ll tell you now that there’s an adorable little diapered butt involved.

2.  Mucho Teething.  Evie now has approximately 45 teeth.  We are currently working on “No bite, Evie.”  It’s not going well. 

3.  Table food.  Some favorites are strawberry-banana smoothies, french fries, cheese quesadillas and key lime pie, a.k.a, junk food.  Some not-favorites are several containers of uber-expensive Gerber Graduate Nonsense which sit gathering dust in the cabinet.  (Except for the “Turkey Sticks”, or, as I’ve known them all my life, good ol’ Vienna Sausages, a.k.a. freakin’ potted meat, people.  My Dainty Princess-Baby loves potted meat.  The humanity.) 

4.  First ear infection and shared family cold.  We made it through alive.  Barely.

In addition, I would like to post some pictures for you.  But, looky there, I’ve run out of time.  Tune in next week!