My name is Evie, and this is my first Christmas.  I like it so far.  Everybody has lights and everything smells really good.  Mama made these things called chocolate chip cookies yesterday, but she said littles couldn’t have chocolate chip cookies.  Only bigs.  I did get some bites of fudge, though, from Mama’s finger, and it was really good!  Do you eat fudge?

Mama said Daddy couldn’t have any chocolate chip cookies either, but he kept sneakin’ them.  I saw him.  He had so many!  Do you know my Daddy?  He is so funny!

I’m writing you a letter because I want to make sure you know I’m here.   Like I said, I’m a little, and I’m worried I might be hard to see from high up in your sleigh.  Don’t miss my house, Santa!  Daddy put lights in the tree out front so you could see us.  He said some bad words when he did it.  They are still pretty lights, though.

Mama said you have reindeers that make your sleigh go.  She said they are like the big animals that almost ran really fast in front of our car last week.  They made Mama say bad words, too.  Do your reindeer make you say bad words?  Mama said your reindeer are smaller, like the size of  my Jojo’s doggie, Gabe, but they don’t bark, and they wear bells on them.  Gabe is really nice to me and licks my feet.  He barks loud, but he doesn’t mean to.  Do you know Gabe?

I liked when we saw you at the mall last weekend.  Your beard was funny, and you a had a big tummy like my tummy.  Do you like the mall?  My mama and Auntie think it’s the best place in the world!

Mama said I’m supposed to tell you what I want for Christmas, but I told you when I sat on your lap.  I really do want blue sky for birdies and clean water for fishies and green grass for moo-cows.  I like birdies and fishies and moo-cows the best.  Also, I would like to not wear socks anymore.  And world peace.  And to eat some more fudge.

Tell your elves and Mrs. Claus that Evie said “Hello, elves and Mrs. Claus!”, and I promise to leave chocolate chip cookies for you and a carrot for your reindeers.

Love, Evie Langston

P.S.  I’m sorry if Daddy eats your cookies.