Evie laughed for the first time this week.

She and I had just finished the inital preparations for dinner (because, really, my kitchen is JUST like the set of a Food Network show), and we decided to do some dancing and singing in the den.  I began to dance around (because, really, I should be in a movie with Patrick Swayze) and sing.  I straddled her legs across my waist and leaned her back, and she just let out this spontaneous giggle of complete delight. 

I was surprised at first, and then I laughed back.  And then she laughed again.  And I lifted her high up in the air and spun her around and around.

Our little girl laughed.


Last week Gloria asked me if I had seen Evie’s new trick.  Given that Evie’s still working on the Disappearing Quarter, and her rabbit hasn’t come in yet, I couldn’t say that I had.

I saw it this weekend.  Evie can now turn herself over from her back to her stomach, lift her head and shoulders pretty far off the ground and hold them there.  Accordingly, Evie spent a good portion of Saturday and Sunday on the floor, flipping over and smiling up at the insanely clapping people above her.

Gill spent a good portion of his weekend watching Evie’s new trick and nursing an ulcer that is now forming in his stomach.

Our little girl can flip over.


Yesterday morning, Evie enjoyed a breakfast of pureed peaches and oatmeal cereal.  She had some texture issues at the start, which involved recycling some bites on my part, but by the end she was gobbling it up.

One of our cats, Roxie, sat beside Evie’s chair, watching the spoon move from the little ramekin of peaches to Evie’s mouth.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  Then she looked at the baby, who was covered in orange goo.  She walked away, shaking her head.  Evie watched her go and squealed.  

Our little girl is eating solid foods.


On the agenda for the big girl this month:  sitting up, “pincher” grasp and voting.