Remember how I said I missed working downtown? 

On October 6th, next Monday, all my dreams will come true.  At least those involving employment in downtown Raleigh.

Let me ‘splain.

In 2003 we moved out of Raleigh and into Garner.  I have many feelings about Garner unrelated to this post, and I will resist mightily going into them now.  So.  Since that time, I have had a 45-minute commute, approximately.  I have always enjoyed this commute.  The trip into Raleigh gave me time to get my act together, drink coffee and smoke many, many cigarettes.  The trip back into Garner gave me time to decompress from my day, listen to my favorite radio talk show and smoke many, many cigarettes.

In the last year I have quit smoking and had a baby.  A precious, precious baby who must be dropped off at daycare (don’t email me!), adding about 15-20 minutes to both ways of my beloved commute.  And…traffic.  Sweet mother of the Beltline, the traffic.  Slow drivers, dangerous drivers, clueless drivers, drivers on cellphones, reading the newspaper and eating breakfast AT THE SAME TIME.  I ask you, people of Wake County, was the motherflippin’ traffic always this bad, or am I just really tired?  And late?  

I am ALWAYS late, and it is slowly sucking all of the goodness and light out of my very soul.  Last week, my commute made me cry.  As I sat in my car, hands white-knuckling the steering wheel and hurling vile obscenities at the stupid, STUPID person in front of me, I cried. 

Get up earlier, you say?  My alarm goes off at 5:30am.  I refuse to set it any earlier.  Waking up at 5am will not be my life.  It can’t be.

 So, that’s the first reason.  The second reason for my seeking gainful downtown employment is that my heart is just not in my job anymore.  I love the field in which I work, and I adore my bosses.  Over the course of seven years, I have watched their kids grow up, and they have seen me meet Gill, get married and have Eve.  We are very much like a little family.  

But something has happened since I’ve come back from maternity leave.  I just dont have it in me anymore, and I don’t know why.  I guess I need a change.  And the firm needs someone who will work as hard for them as they deserve.

So, I put my resume out there and got hired, bitches!  My commute will now be less than half of what it was before, which means I can eek out that much more time with Eve every day.  And my new job is gonna be pretty damn cool.  Interestingly, this job is in the same building where I had my first job right out of college.  Where the executives came down from their 29th floor offices with precious little ballpoint pens exclaiming “We love our tellers!” instead of raises.  I won’t be working for the same company, but I can’t wait to see who’s still there.

So, Larry, get those pigeons ready — I’m coming home!