Y’all, I am all about natural parenting, otherwise known as attachment parenting, and I try to practice it as much as I can.  I breastfeed, we’re starting to use our Snugli more, and we co-sleep on occasion.  I didn’t expect this of myself, as I outgrew my hippie stage after junior year of high school, but these things feel instinctual and right for me and my family.  And, like I’ve said before, there are lots of women who shave their armpits and feel the same way I do.

But, as often happens in life, some people take it too far.

I have a nagging case of disposable diaper guilt but severe cloth diaper resistance, so I was searching the Internets the other day for some happy compromise and came upon this.

Knee deep in crunchy webpage wanderings, I began to suspect that something like this was out there, lurking.  But now, having found it, I am still speechless and a little grossed out.  I mean, more power to the women who want to do this, but…just…no.  

I have seen the end times, and they are diaper-free.