See the Grandparent Tutorial?  There you go.

Well, I’m sorry!  This week has been…weird.  You’ll find out later.

Evie says hi.  She also says teething SUCKS the big one and asks you to send frozen mini-bagels.  Except not because…oh, what the hell.  Send the bagels.  She’s starting solids in a month anyway.

Also, sleeping through the night!  Maybe!  She doesn’t usually wake up until 4:30-5:00am anyway, so having to wake her up at 5:45 to eat isn’t THAT much of a difference.  BUT!  Her little sleeping body gave every indication that it would have kept on going.  So.

And, sleepers!  Pajamas with feet!  Love!  These fabulous garments turn a baby into a cuddly, fuzzy little snuggle machine, and I may dress her in them 24-7 for all time.  You can’t stop me!