I have another blog located here.  It’s all about my adventures in mommyhood while raising my daughter, Eve.  It’s a lot of fun to write, and my friends and family thinks it’s pretty good.  It also lets them keep up to date with their granddaughter/niece/good friend’s new baby.  So that’s great.  But I’ve found that while a mommyblog is fun, I have more to say.  I have thoughts, observations and opinions on things other than babies.  I know!  I couldn’t believe it myself.

So, here’s this blog.  It’s about all the other stuff: my life, my husband’s life, my friends’ lives and the lives of random strangers on whom I eavesdrop.  Evie will definitely show up here, but I want to also talk about “adult things”.  You know, the things your parents talked about after they shooed you out of the room.  Also, there will be swearing — so, look for that.

Let’s get started.  I have SO much to tell you.