Remember when she was Peanut? 

I do, too.  And I also remember wicked gastric reflux and massive water retention.  Booooo!

Hope everyone likes the new format because it is SO temporary.  I was getting kind of tired of Ye Olde Blog Design and thought The Evie Standard deserved something a little hipper.  More fresh and cute and less nicotine-stained roll of toilet paper.  But soon, oh faithful readers, soon we shall have…a domain name!  I shall purchase it, and it shall be called, and this site will magically turn from just a toy made of wood and string into A REAL LIVE BLOG!  And then, dear ones, one day I shall have the site professionally designed (or designed on the side by a friend of mine, possibly at a discount) and it will be so pretty!  Then the comments will flow like wine, and we shall achieve such adoration and praise throughout the blogging land!


Anyway.  What was I saying?  Oh, yeah.  The Peanut.

What do you mean you haven’t gotten a birth announcement?  I could have sworn we sent you one.  I know we did.  Oh, wait.  No we didn’t.  Cause we just got them done THIS WEEKEND.  THREE, ALMOST FOUR, MONTHS LATER.  The shame, it overwhelms me.

But, we are redeemed, for little Evie’s pictures were professionally done this weekend, and the extraordinary cuteness and sweetness that abides therein is so powerful, it burns the fingers of whosoever dares to touch them.  No, for real.  And we also got birth announcements so adorable they will melt your face off.  Look for yours in the mail!

This place had the privilege of taking Eve’s pictures.  They were done by a prince of a fellow called Nathan.  I have a crush on Nathan.  Wait, let me ‘splain.

You know when you walk into a place and just know you’re gonna get screwed?  Like, you go to one of those Japanese hibachi places and you just know your chef is gonna suck.  That all around your table, other chefs will be happily juggling pepper mills and shrimp tails, while the diners sitting in a semi-circle around them bubble over with delighted laughter.  Meanwhile, at your table, Chef Grumpy half-heartedly bangs his spatula a couple of times on the grill and mutters incomprehensibly under his breath.  

Well, we walked into Portrait Innovations on Saturday, and I immediately saw our photographer.  Our guy was not the one waving stuffed animals and brightly-colored flowers, singing and calling out to charmed and smiling babies.  No.  We would get the joker standing by the register, looking vague and confused and like someone had run over his favorite puppy.  Boy, was I wrong.

We got Nathan.  Nathan has been taking pictures of babies and children for four years, and it shows.  He moved around the little studio with the fluidity and confidence of someone who is good at their job and knows it.  He posed Evie, sang out to Evie (“Say, hi!  Say, hi!  What are you doin’, Miss Eve?  What are you doin’?”), stroked her cheeks and made fantastical noises at her for a good 15 minutes.  She smiled at Nathan, gazed in rapt wonder at him and even talked back to him a couple of times.  I wanted to take Nathan home and keep him in a little box next to my bed.  Next to my heart!

I’ve heard of this.  Moms develop a special affection for and a “mom attraction” towards men who are good with their children, who make their babies smile and laugh.  Like their pediatrician or Steve from Blue’s Clues.  So, I have a mom crush on Nathan.  I’m sure his wife doesn’t mind.  Or my husband.  You don’t mind, do you, dear? 

Huh?  Oh, the pictures!  The pictures came out GREAT.  The funny thing is, Eve stopped smiling at Nathan after the first couple of poses.  She became entranced with him and started trying to figure him out.  Eve is like this.  She is a very curious little girl who wants so much to learn about people and things around her.  So, the first set of pictures features her gummy grin.  But the rest show what I can only describe as variations on bemused pensiveness.  But this is actually awesome.  Smiles are so done, don’t you think?  Plus, those blue eyes.  That rosebud mouth.  Y’all, some boy is in A LOT of trouble one day, mark my words.

The coolest thing is:  I have a disc!  That’s right.  We got a disc with all of the pictures taken, which I will happily share with all of you!  Or maybe I will lord over them with dictatorial vigor, doling out only the meagerest of helpings to those whom I deem worthy.  Tune in to find out!

P.S.  I know in last week’s post I promised a photo essay.  I am very aware that a photo essay is an essay made up of photos, not an essay about a trip to get photos taken.  But patience, readers.  It is forthcoming, I swear to you.

P.P.S.  There is a decidedly Arthurian tone to this week’s post, don’t you think?


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